AYMCASTING offers global casting services for fashion
shows, advertising, editorials, and talent ambassadorships internationally.

The studio favors empathetic listening, fostering a strong connection with clients and talents.
It embraces creativity with agility and delivers seamlessly.
Challenging the status quo, we advocate for equal opportunities.

Our studio is based in Paris.

Altered States, Convoy, Double, Galilee, Justsmile, Manner,
M Le magazine du Monde, Mulberry, Replica Man,
Torishéju, Vogue Italia, Winnie New York, ...

Ben Toms, Camille Summers-Valli, Casper Kofi, Hanna Tveite,
Hedi Stanton, Joséphine Lochen, Scott Gallagher,
Stanislas Motz-Neidhart, Thomas Cristiani, ...

Beat Bolliger, Evens Mornay, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Imruh,
Julie Ragolia, Isabelle Sayer, Juanjose Mouko Nsue,
Laetitia Leporcq, Marq Rise, Moreno Galata, Stuart Williamson...